Thursday, October 04, 2012

studio visit: sophie milne

I've followed Sophie Milne's work since I was in college, admiring (read: drooling over) her elegant and uncomplicated wheel thrown forms via her website and blog for the past few years.
[side street collection]
[gorgeous coloured porcelain bangles!]

[Sophie's new coloured porcelain range]

[makers mark]

[works in progress]

[the studio door doubles as a black board!]

Sophie's new studio is covered in fake grass!! I don't think it could be any cooler.
[how awesome is the fake grass?!]

[a sneak peak of some collaborative work]
We were privileged to have a sneak preview of Sophie's collaborative work with artist Jacqueline Kennedy before their exhibition opened at Potier in September. Each piece is exquisite, both in the form and imagery.

I will geekily admit now that I was super nervous prior to meeting Sophie! But she is totally lovely (what else was I expecting?!) and was happy to show us around her workspace, answer my endless nerdy questions and share a few nuggets of advice. A beautiful deep blue porcelain bangle came home with me after the visit - thank you Sophie!

I could gush on about Sophie's work, but that might become uncomfortable...! Besides, the lady herself keeps a most excellent blog over at Six Hundred Degrees and articulates far better than I can - I highly recommend it for your reading list!

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